Monday, November 17, 2008

Xmods Are Back!

Radioshack's fully-customizable RCs are back after a few year break in pretty decent flavors- Mustang Boss, Corvette, and Skyline GT-R.

For the most part same as the previous Evolution series with few exceptions listed in the wiki including built-in crystals(huge flaw since you'll be stuck with the frequency you buy) and supposed wheel stability improvement that the series suffered from since day one. I'll do a more in-depth look once I open and tune this sucker with all the $1 clerance parts from last year :D

And lastly my own new GT-R:

More unboxed shots and a mini preview:

Looks like there are no more body kits seeing how the GTR's body is solid. I see this as a somewhat of a good change since the cars will keep their authentic looks and only have internal mods- the ways it should be. Showmanship through performance rather than looks.

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