Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bustin Out New Bustin Maestro Mini

So after boarding for 2 weeks, I figured where I actually want to begin- medium sized cruiser board, but with some downhill flavor. My solution? Bustin Maestro Mini to replace my Kracked Skulls M1 deck for the time being. Funny enough, Bustin sent me the regular Maestro by accident, thus I got a chance to take comparison pictures before shipping it back:

And so I was bustin out some tools since new deck nor old trucks came with proper hardware (riser pads, washers to protect the board from truck bolts' lugnuts). Ended up cutting up a few riser pad sets to lower the deck as much as bolts allowed and cushion it from the hardware.

I cut 4 pieces for the top of the deck per truck to lower it as much as possible, and then 2 per truck for the bottom to be used as washers for the bolts. Final result was quite pleasing and clean.

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