Thursday, January 13, 2011

Narrow Focus

So this coming late Feb. the DMV area will have another, BIG, Z race that's sure to attract all the prominent racers from up and down the coast. The interesting part will be a compact car race with rules I haven't seen done before- only narrow wheels/tires allowed. Oddly enough, there will be no motor restrictions, but narrow tires are bound to force racers to limit their options to slower and more controllable powerhouses.

That said, an immediate idea that came to mind was to try the MA chassis once again considering that it may have an advantage running all narrow tires and not losing much of its performance like the MR brotheren (yet to test this thought, however).

And what better body than a Rally classic, Ford Focus that was driven by Colin McRae himself back in the days!

Setup is as aggressive and low as possible, starting out with hardest springs up front and 2nd hardest in the rear, kyosho 30* tires all around for balance, all key parts in aluminum to ensure finishing the race.

*Post testing on RCP- wow! What a car when used with the right tires. Also the only hatchback that allows more than +1 wheel offset for that extra wide stance.

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