Tuesday, February 22, 2011

New Mini-Z Atomic 90mm MidMount and DPS

Just got these in the past weekend, AR-265 and AR-265-BKDPS. Looks like Atomic only recently caught up to PN's idea of last year, the 90mm Mid Mount with a custom Damper Plate System.

Overall much more simple than the PN unit, not much heavier nor lighter, but it does have quite a few new elements. The DPS post only uses one spring now and does not attach to a bottom holder plate of any sort, but rather to the motor mount's DPS arm itself. The plastic plate gets pressed against the metal one, and it even has a little trough to hold a little bit of dampening oil better than the old, completely flat plates (maybe atomic always had this though, this is my first Atomic DPS/disks). Lastly there is an optional, bolt-on rear diffuser.

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