Friday, March 4, 2011

HPI RS32 Has Landed!

So at long last I got my hands on one of these and for a mere 90$ + shipping. Box is quite appealing as is the hard plastic, model-quality Calsonic R32 body.

Everything is packaged fairly well, nothing to complain about.

Now this is where RS car differs from the Kyosho Mini-Z- not only does it sport modular electronics seen in other scale R/Cs, but it also comes disassembled. Nothing is tricky in this car save being super-bite sized, but so are kyosho dNanos.

The car handles well, but could DEFINITELY use a little more speed and battery life. My guess is to use a Losi motor and/or lithium battery packs, perhaps from R/C helicopters.

Note that because these will go hand-in-hand with the new HPI slot car line, the details may surpass that of Mini-Zs, like rear view mirrors, for example.