Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mini-Z MA-010 RWD Conversion with 1970 Skyline (KPGC10) in Spirit of MR-015

This is my attempt at a RWD MA-010 that may become a great MR-xx killer car. My goal is to utilize MA's even weight distribution(after weighing the motor side down for horizontal balance) and ease of maintenence to its fullest advantage and compete in RWD with RWD opposition(maybe even awd as well).

This thing handles like a true mix of two platforms: steering response and sharp radius like that of awd MA and acceleration like that of MR-02 (when both have wide rears). I'm hoping that independent suspension would help this guy triumph over MRs' rear disk dampers and hplates.

Another thing I like is ease of changing rims if I have to. Since MA doesn't have its bearings in the rims, swapping is a real matter of seconds that also saves the bearings themselves(I imagine poking MR bearings out of the wheels each time takes some kind of toll down the road).

In terms of weight this guy is 185.6 grams with the horizontal balancing lead pieces (5-7 grams in total), so without those it can probably match a stock MR02's 180 grams. Its 7-10 grams lighter than a stock MA10 with exclusion of the front diff and driveshafts halves/alum driveshafts, so its at a slight weight advantage over MA10.

How did I achieve RWD?

Very simple and effective. I might look into an even better center shaft shield out of a tougher material to help keep everything together when changing rear gears. Right now, if you pull the shaft out the back too far and put it back in, the front shaft bearing tends to pop out and hang between the chassis and the styrene shield while the shaft rattles. The MR bushing may prevent that from happening, but I'm not 100% sure yet.

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