Thursday, April 23, 2009

PN Racing 90-98 milimeter Mid Mount for MR-015/02

At long last my beloved short wheelbases 90 and 94mm got a midship motor mount! Problem of the past was that the only available MM configuration was at the shortest 94mm while to use the 90mm base one needed a Rear Mount(motor behind rear axle). Changing a whole motor mount just to try a shorter body is too tedious, but the performance of the midship chassis was far superior than that of rear mounts. Another problem was a complete lack of 90mm mid mounts, so the quick, short cars were stuck with RM config and horrible weight distribution.

Now this is a thing of the past and this mount looks very promising. I managed to keep this Cobra MR-015 at 166 grams which rivals custom-built chassis, let alone stock MR-015s or even 02s. I'm very curious to see whether this mount will help cure the notorious body roll of the narrow bodies I love as well as 15 chassis. Lastly, this will drastically increase the effectiveness of my front end lead ballast(held on by 2 screws at the very front of the car seen in the last picture) which will in turn help the body roll by keeping the front end planted during accelerating turns.

Note that the white damper plates, the springs in between, and the blue post are from my 3Racing Disk Damper System since PN does NOT supply these with the new mount. I'm still glad that they supplied the carbon fiber plates instead of making a separate 20$ set.

Last addition is my custom rewiring using thinner conducting wires that hold their shape when bent to free up the motor area. I also flipped the motor to give the mount that 1mm of clearance from the body, and new wires allowed me to steer clear from the rear axle.

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